Angevin officers database
AD13, 1H 91, n° 81 (14th century, detail)


The EUROPANGE collaborative database is dedicated to the prosopography of officers (definition) who served the Angevin dynasties (genealogies) between the middle of the 13th century and the end of the 15th century. It was designed by Anne Tchounikine and Maryvonne Miquel (UMR 5205 LIRIS, Laboratoire d’InfoRmatique en Images et Systèmes d’information, National institute of applied sciences of Lyon). It allows to study the career of a given officer, or of a group of officers, and to examine the links and networks among them. It is a tool for administrative mapping, for the typology of offices and the social history of administration.

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Scientific coordinators for each political context:

  • Jean-Luc Bonnaud ( counties of Provence and Forcalquier )
  • Judit Csákó ( kingdom of Hungary )
  • Enikő Csukovits ( kingdom of Hungary; kingdom of Poland )
  • Léonard Dauphant ( duchies of Bar and Lorraine)
  • Isabelle Mathieu ( counties of Anjou and Maine/duchy of Anjou )
  • Jean-Michel Matz ( counties of Anjou and Maine/duchy of Anjou )
  • Serena Morelli ( kingdom of Sicily )
  • Isabelle Ortega ( principality of Morea; kingdom of Albania )
  • Thierry Pécout ( counties of Provence and Forcalquier )
  • Riccardo Rao ( Communal Italy )
  • Hélène Schneider ( duchies of Bar and Lorraine )
  • Joachim Stephan (kingdom of Poland)

Collaborators of the database

  • Antonio Antonetti
  • Paolo Buffo
  • Thierry Buquet
  • Germain Butaud
  • Damien Carraz
  • Andrea Casalboni
  • Marco Cassioli
  • Guido Castelnuovo
  • Roxane Chilà
  • Yannick Frizet
  • Michel Hébert
  • Armand Jamme
  • Andreas Kiesewetter
  • Anne Lemonde
  • Christophe Masson
  • Justine Moreno
  • Brendan Osswald
  • François Otchakovsky-Laurens
  • Paolo Rosso
  • Claude Roux
  • Alfredo Santoro
  • Florence Sampsonis
  • Alessandro Silvestri
  • Pierluigi Terenzi
  • Valérie Theis
  • Kristjan Toomaspoeg
  • Alain Venturini


  • UMR 5205 LIRIS (INSA, Lyon)
  • Jean-Monnet University of Saint-Étienne, UMR 8584 LEM-CERCOR
  • École française de Rome
  • University of Angers, CERHIO (FRE CNRS)
  • University of Bergamo
  • Luigi Vanvitelli University of Campania
  • Institute of History, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • University of Moncton, Canada
  • University of Nîmes
  • University of Lorraine, EA 3945 CRULH